The Music in Korean Dramas is Mesmerizing

When my college roommate had a couple of friends over, they started watching Korean movies on our big screen TV. I thought that it was going to drive me bonkers since I didn’t know a thing about Korea at that time, but I found myself getting pulled into the story line along with my roomie and her friends. There were subtitles, but it was even more than understanding what they were saying. The music drew me in the most, and I knew that I was going to end up finding some Korean films to watch on my own to see if they had the same effect on me.

That was nearly a dozen years ago, and I still enjoy watching Korean movies to this day. I even understand a good bit of what is going on in them without having to watch the subtitles. Don’t get me wrong, because I still love to watch American films as well. There is just something really powerful about the Korean shows that I watch too. I have watched some of the stars grow up in front of my eyes, just as I have watched some of the younger American stars do.

One of the main differences between Korean and American programming, for me, is the music involved in them. Music plays a huge role in the miniseries and programs that I watch, and I have even purchased the soundtracks to quite a few just so I can listen to the music whenever I want to. The stars are actually the ones doing a lot of the singing, which is just incredible to me. I love watching a lot of the Korean programming from one site in particular, because they have just about every Korean episode that I want to see. I don’t watch it every single day, but I’d say at least two or three days a week you’ll find it on my computer screen!

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