Professional Bed Bug Removal for Peace of Mind

I got transferred temporarily to New York for my job and located a cute little apartment to sublet for the duration. The apartment was located on the 15th floor of a nice-looking building and came completely furnished. I had only spoken briefly with the owner and knew that the apartment had been sublet by several others prior to my stay. Because of that, I looked into bed bug control in NYC and a good quality mattress protector before spending my first night in my temporary apartment.

While the apartment itself seemed very clean, bed bugs can be extremely difficult to detect until you are getting bitten in the middle of the night and I felt only a professional eradication service could provide me peace of mind. After all, even though the owner seemed conscientious and the apartment furnishings looked well-kept, I had no idea who else had rented the place before me, and everything was used in some manner. While I am all for being a spend-thrift and have no issues with buying used furniture, a mattress is just one of those things that I typically would not ever buy used.

After investigating the cost of purchasing a new mattress for my temporary home as well as delivery charges to the 15th floor with only a minimal service elevator available, that pretty much nailed it for me and I knew a professional service was the way to go. I also had no idea what I would do with the existing mattress or how the apartment owner would feel about me replacing his mattress. Not to mention I did not want to embarrass the owner with what could very well be unfounded accusations about the level of cleanliness in his apartment.

The service was quick, thorough and helped make my first night in the apartment peaceful, restful and ready to start my first day in the new office.

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