I Need to Find a Roommate

It is going to be a tough thing for me, but I am out on my own. I have found a pretty decent factory job, but it was not close to home. I had to move an hour and a half North to Toledo, up on the Great Lakes. So far I have not had any real luck looking for affordable apartments for Toledo. Of course if I want to live on my own it is going to be really hard to find a decent apartment that is in the range that I can afford. Fortunately for me I have a friend up here and he has been letting me sleep on his couch, but that is not something that is going to hold for long. You really can not expect your friend to let you stay in his place for long, it is enough to have them do it for a couple of days without complaint.

In fact I was asking him if the place where he lived had any two bedroom apartments, because that is something that would make a lot of sense if I could take him into it. It seems like he would be okay with it, since it would work to his benefit as well. I asked him what his rent was and he told me that it was just a little bit under a thousand dollars per month. Of course I told that if he and I got a two bedroom apartment it would probably be around two hundred dollars more per month. Obviously each of us would only be paying half of that, so he would end up paying a little more than half as much as he is now. It would definitely be a great thing for me if I could convince him to go along with the idea.

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