How Hard is It to Sell This Sort of Stuff?

I can tell that there are a lot of things that are best suited for selling on the web. For example the guy who would buy adult videos and dildos in the comfort of his own home might not do it in one of those shops. In this area none of those places are allowed to be in a lot of areas. You can not have them near schools or near a church. In fact for the most part they end up being in the part of town where you do not want to be. So it is obvious that a lot of people will not be comfortable frequenting those places. In fact in one area there are these places and there is a couple of clubs where the entertainment is of an adult nature. The clubs are in the news all of the time because there have been a number of stabbings and this one incident where some fool shot up the front of the place after they threw him out of the place.

Obviously the place you buy this stuff from on the web has to be able to guarantee a level of discretion. So your goods come in a very non descript package which could be almost anything. It does not have a big label says this is a bunch of nasty porn. When the bill comes it is going to say something that is not going to give the game away either. It will not be a bill from the XXX porn company, or something else the wife could figure out. It is going to be something really generic. So if she sees the bill she will think that you stopped some place and filled up your tank with gas or something of that sort.

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