Cleaning Up a Junked Up Property

We have started working to clean up this derelict property that the boss bought. Of course I was really interested in the current scrap metal prices after I got a look at this place. It has all sorts of junk on it, most interestingly a lot of big chunks of metal. There are three or four old junk cars and I know that the last time I sent a car to be scrapped one vehicle was worth between three and four hundred dollars. Obviously it depends on how much the car weighs and how good of a price you can get per pound for scrap steel. There are a lot of other things, including a bunch of steel plates. These are really heavy steel plates. Originally they must have been the sides and bottoms of big tanks, but someone cut them apart with cutting torches. The big thing for me is there must be several tons of them and so they are worth as much as the cars are I would guess.

In fact the cars would probably be worth quite a bit if you took the valuable parts off of them. The big thing that makes sense to remove is a catalytic converter, which contains platinum mesh and platinum is worth a great deal of money. Each one of them is worth something like seventy five dollars from what I understand and so I am going to try to get those off, because the four of them would be worth as much as a whole car that is scrapped for the steel. Anything made out of aluminum would be worth removing, but I do not know what parts are aluminum really. Old cars do not have as much of that on it as a new car is going to have either.

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