As a Parent I Stay Up to Date with Modern Music and Lyrics

I cannot make out the words to some contemporary songs. It is not just confined to today’s music. I remember people thinking Hendrix was saying, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy,” when he said he was going to “kiss the sky.” There are a lot of song lyrics that people did not get right. You have to be careful online, because a lot of lyrics are made by fans of the music. I use the Tubidy video page and look at lyrics for the songs I am trying to figure out.

I listen to music and goof up the lyrics often. A good friend of mine, Ruiz Morgan, remembers when a lot of CDs had the official lyrics included inside. Way back when vinyl was popular, you could sometimes find lyrics too. Most of the time you had to rely on someone telling you what was said. Today’s music can have a lot going on in the background behind the melody and lyrics. Continue reading “As a Parent I Stay Up to Date with Modern Music and Lyrics”