One of My Favorite Customers

I have the most amazing career. I am a licenced cosmetologist. At times, it is weird being a male cosmetologist, but I enjoy the satisfaction that I give my customers. I have been working for fifteen years. I have beautified many faces along the years. One of my favorites is a woman named Jenny. I have been working with her for years. I remember the first time I gave her eyelash extensions. It has been amazing watching her grow over the years.

Jenny was exceptional as a little girl. I first met her when she was 12. Her parents entered her in the Little Miss California Pageant. They wanted her to win so badly. I could tell by the look on her face that she was very nervous. Those feelings melted away quickly. I gently applied makeup to Jenny’s face. When I showed her the final result, she was blown away. She could not believe how beautiful I made her. It really did not take that much effort on her part. Jenny won the pageant. We worked together for many years.

When she was 21, she entered the Miss America Pageant. I knew I had my work cut out for me. This was the mother of all pageants. I knew my skills would be tested to the max. Jenny deserved the best and I was determined to give it to her. I applied my special makeup to her face. As a finishing touch, I gave her eyelash extensions. She looked like a real queen. Jenny was ready to take the pageant crown.

The pageant went off without a hitch. My client Jenny took home first place. I knew she would win. I was very proud of my work. I was proud to be a very intricate part of her success. It is not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

Hack for KIK Chat Program

I met my girlfriend online playing a video game a couple of years ago. We got along pretty awesome, and played games online together for some time before deciding that we needed to be together in real life. We moved to the same city, and into an apartment together about 8 months ago. It was pretty awesome at first, but lately I have been pretty paranoid and I am thinking about finding a Kik hack to use to gain access to her account so that I am able to read the communications that she is making on there with other people.

In particular, I am worried that she is talking to other guys on the program. Continue reading “Hack for KIK Chat Program”

Sometimes You Should Just Stay out of Other People’s Business

Yeah, I bet you’re thinking that I’m a jerk for being nosey and prying into my girlfriend’s business. Well, that may be well and true, but I was more than positive she was cheating on me. Why? She was being very secretive, especially when she was using her phone. I was sensing she was exchanging messages with another guy. I decided to use an app called snapspy to spy on my girlfriend’s Snapchat usage. Upon reviewing the information my super sleuth skills had aquired I was shocked, but not in a bad way.

So, you were right, I shouldn’t have been going through my girlfriend’s stuff, and snooping into her business. It turns out she was planning some awesome getaway for myself and a group of our friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Continue reading “Sometimes You Should Just Stay out of Other People’s Business”