The Internet is a Wild Frontier

I’ve only been using the internet for a few years. When I was growing up, we didn’t even have computers, let alone the Internet. My grandson was kind enough to teach me the basics and the most important lesson about the internet which is being wary. I am a particularly cautious about strange emails. Just last week I got a strange email from asking me to continue resetting my GMAIL password. This was strange because not only did I not ask to reset my password, I don’t even have a GMAIL account. I was afraid this was someone trying to hack my email account so I quickly marked it as spam and sent an email to my grandson, asking him what else I should do, if anything. He got back to me right away and said I did the right thing. Thank goodness. I really don’t want to have to get a new computer or spend lots of money fixing this one.

I think as an older adult on the internet the best thing to remember is that it is like the old wild west, in a lot of ways. There aren’t a lot of laws and people are always going to be trying to take advantage of you. Whether it is the old medicine peddler and his snake oil or that guy who tells you that for a small investment he can make all your dreams come true, do not fall for it. As my mother was fond of saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” that is especially true online, where you don’t know who you are talking to. You are better off assuming everyone is misrepresenting themselves and then you can be pleasantly surprised when/if they turn out to be genuine. Above all, when it comes to your online life, just be careful and use common sense.

Cleaning Up a Junked Up Property

We have started working to clean up this derelict property that the boss bought. Of course I was really interested in the current scrap metal prices after I got a look at this place. It has all sorts of junk on it, most interestingly a lot of big chunks of metal. There are three or four old junk cars and I know that the last time I sent a car to be scrapped one vehicle was worth between three and four hundred dollars. Obviously it depends on how much the car weighs and how good of a price you can get per pound for scrap steel. There are a lot of other things, including a bunch of steel plates. These are really heavy steel plates. Continue reading “Cleaning Up a Junked Up Property”

Moving into My First Apartment

I was really excited to move out on my own. I had never been completely by myself other than a few rare nights when my parents had overnight plans somewhere. I know that it can be a scary thing, but it is also really exciting when you are 23 years old and ready to tackle the world too. I knew that I wanted to look at apartments in Asheville NC rather than houses because I was just not ready to take on that kind of responsibility. Even though I would just be renting, I knew that taking care of a house requires a lot of work, just from watching my parents with their house. Continue reading “Moving into My First Apartment”

I Need to Find a Roommate

It is going to be a tough thing for me, but I am out on my own. I have found a pretty decent factory job, but it was not close to home. I had to move an hour and a half North to Toledo, up on the Great Lakes. So far I have not had any real luck looking for affordable apartments for Toledo. Of course if I want to live on my own it is going to be really hard to find a decent apartment that is in the range that I can afford. Fortunately for me I have a friend up here and he has been letting me sleep on his couch, but that is not something that is going to hold for long. You really can not expect your friend to let you stay in his place for long, it is enough to have them do it for a couple of days without complaint.

In fact I was asking him if the place where he lived had any two bedroom apartments, because that is something that would make a lot of sense if I could take him into it. Continue reading “I Need to Find a Roommate”