The Music in Korean Dramas is Mesmerizing

When my college roommate had a couple of friends over, they started watching Korean movies on our big screen TV. I thought that it was going to drive me bonkers since I didn’t know a thing about Korea at that time, but I found myself getting pulled into the story line along with my roomie and her friends. There were subtitles, but it was even more than understanding what they were saying. The music drew me in the most, and I knew that I was going to end up finding some Korean films to watch on my own to see if they had the same effect on me.

That was nearly a dozen years ago, and I still enjoy watching Korean movies to this day. I even understand a good bit of what is going on in them without having to watch the subtitles. Continue reading “The Music in Korean Dramas is Mesmerizing”

Detailed Record Keeping is Necessary

It is hard to stay in business when you are disorganized. Trust me, I know because I was disorganized for years. I still don’t know how I didn’t completely fall apart without an accounting software program like Quicken 2016. I thought that keeping track of business accounting records would be very similar to keeping track of my own personal checkbook. The only problem is, I was not very good at that either when I was left on my own to do it. I knew that I could not use a regular notebook, but I thought my system was still good.

That thought changed when it came time to do my taxes for the first time for my business. It was always so easy taking care of my taxes before because the form was so easy. I also did not have to worry about employee pay, deductions, and expenses either. Continue reading “Detailed Record Keeping is Necessary”